core services



Research & Database Management Services

Qualitative & Quantitative Analyses

Time-Series Analysis & Forecasting

Strategic Planning

Focus Group Facilitation

Grant Proposal Development  &  On-site Needs Assessment

Project Management:  Systems Development Lifecycles & etc.

Grant Management

Monitoring, Evaluation (Formulative/Summative) & Technical Support

Cost & Policy Analyses 

Temporary Business Support including but  not limited to clinical and laboratory research 3+ consecutive months of deliverables, not to exceed 9 months without renewed contracts)





Development of Marketing / Consumer  Education  Materials  

Technical & Creative Content Writing

Document Management & Audit

Managing Evolving Websites

White papers 




Transcriptions  (audio to text)  Rates vary per audio quanity & quality 

Customized scholarship or  grant analysis and search, excluding proposal development. . . .  $2,500 

Ad Hoc Administrative or Personal Support . . .  $30+ per hour, $150+ per        diem, (i.e., weekdays) and $200+ per diem  holiday (i.e,, recognized state and/or federal holidays). $360+ per weekend (i.e., Saturday & Sunday). $980+ per week (i.e, seven consecutive days).

Dedicated tutor: $2000+ monthly per subject / course

Intermittant student tutoring seasonal term per course . . . .$4000 +

Feature Article  / Major Work . . $4500 + 


One (1)* Blog  or Report <  1500 words . . . $380

Two (2) * Blogs or Report  < 1500 words  each or One (1) Blog / Report < 3000 words. . .$640

*  Herein, a "report" is defined as content limited or non-technical reports.    Each blog/report  may include up to 20 references, and one complimentary (minor) revision, as appropriate. Upon written notice, please allow up to 7 business days for revisions. For expedited services, an additional $50.oo may be required for each blog or report . Reports with meta-analytic reviews are charged an additional $100  to $1000 per unique fulfillment.  Optional: Incur an additional $50 and $100  per blog/report for substantial revisions and two original photographs, respectively. 

Graphics / Web Design  /Brand Identity  . .  . $1000 +

Book Reviews . . . $650 + 





plumeria a la carte membership is not a requisite; however, membership generally ensures the continuity of available A LA CARTE services, priority deliverables, exclusive promotional offers, seasonal discounts and may also include,  paid luncheons with plumeria a la carte staff, seminar invites and other complimentary perks.


Membership benefits are not static and may periodically change.


plumeria a la carte black member status may be acquired via one of three methods:

  • Payment of annual membership fee:   $1100 per individual. $3500 per business entity with membership coverage capped at 5 or less employees.  Additional business entity membership coverage is $1000 per employee.  Open membership enrollment period is once per calendar year: January 1st - 31st . Payments must be made in-full on or before January 31st. Membership fees are never discounted.  
  • Nonmember patrons with A LA CARTE invoices of $4000 + within a 90-day period and satisfied timely payment obligations are recognized as honorary members
  • Referrals by current plumeria a la carte black members.  Plumeria a la carte black members may refer only one individual per calendar year as an honorary plumeria a la carte black member. Honorary black member status may not be extended to  business entities.

Plumeria  a la carte black member status is reassessed annually. Patrons may receive an electronic notification of membership status changes within the first week of January.  plumeria a la carte reserves the right to make changes to membership at any time and without prior notice.



priority levels


plumeria a la carte black member, annual membership paid - highest priority for deliverables. select A LA CARTE, as well as, services requiring retainers are negotiable. 

plumeria a la carte black member, honorary - high priority.  A LA CARTE services are usually discounted 10 to 15 percent below A LA CARTE listed rates.   special rates are applicable for select bundled services (i.e., three or more).

plumeria a la carte client, traditional -  continuity of avaliable services may be intermittent due to existing plumeria a la carte black member workloads, lest an expressly written contract specifies tasks and timelines for deliverables.  A LA CARTE  services fees are non-negotiable and are not subject to membership discounts.















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