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Successful grant funding is a sum of parts:  presentation, art and strategy. If you are seeking comprehensive grant proposal development or A LA CARTE scholarship assistance, we highly encourage clients to provide notice weeks, if not months, in advance.


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Perceived client-plumeria a la carte llc relationships may be null without written contracts and/or payments for specifiied services. 


A LA CARTE service payments: 50% or more of the total balance must be received by plumeria a la carte on or before the project start date, and any residuals to be paid 48-hours prior to project delivery date. The aforementioned payment schedule is non-negotiable. A 10% discount applies when  total (i.e., 100%) A LA CARTE balances  are satisfied and received in-full  within 3 days of the project initiation date; this discount excludes hourly and per diem  services. The 10% discount may be applied towards plumeria a la carte black member bundle rates for A LA CARTE services; however, this excludes A LA CARTE black membership fees.


A LA CARTE services are not subject to initial consultation fees; whereas other hourly and / or project-based services, requiring  retainers, are incrementally assessed:   $80.oo for the first 30 minutes or less. For  each additional 10-minute increment, clients incur $20.00 . Intital consultation fees are capped at $200.00 Contingent upon the scale, scope and duration of required services, retainer fees may vary from a fixed recurring monthly rate of $1200.oo  to a single advance payment of $5,000.00 + . Exceptions concerning fixed recurring monthly retainer fees are infrequent and  may be considered on an individual basis per extenuating circumstances. Exceptions are expressly written and signed by plumeria a la carte Operations Director. Services  requiring retainer fees are categorically net 10, as full payment for services are to be paid within 1o days of project completion. Retainer fees are processed via credit and debit cards only.


Services requiring retainers or "A LA CARTE" requests valued over $500.oo are cemented with written contracts. Contracts, in-kind or fee-for-services, must bear notorized signatures of both parties, plumeria a la carte llc Operations Director and the client.  Plumeria a la carte llc does not perform A LA CARTE services in-kind; however, features of A LA CARTE deliverables may be incorporated as a bundled contract.


mahalo . merci . thank you


cultivate:  "It is said that the present is pregnant with the future" - Voltaire

Please detail your organizational needs and pending deadlines, if any. Staff members are usually responsive within 48 hours from message receipt.  


invitation speciale Plumeria a la carte llc is inactive and will accept clients on 27 December 2020; whereby, clients  will be accepted by referrals only. 

Je vous remercie pour votre patience et votre soutien.


plumeria a la carte does not authorize its name to appear in any directories or  listings. Allowable authorized listings reflect federal, state, and local governments.

Online payment options are available for existing client contracts. plumeria a la carte contracts may be expressly written, acknowledged and notarized with the signature of its Operation Director. Checks and non-U.S. postal money orders are unacceptable. Acceptable payment options: MasterCard, VISA, PayPal, Discover, American Express, Cash and U.S. Postal Money Orders. For A LA CARTE services, i.e., web development and design, blogs, as well as, other items listed under, "A LA CARTE," payments are typically processed by cards, i.e., debit and credit, as cash is discouraged. Clients incur an additional handling fee of $10 for each cash payment transaction. 


Consultation hours are constrained:   Monday & Saturday 10:00 am - 1:00 pm. Alternative consultation scheduling may be possible to establish mutually agreeable times amongst parties.












disclaimers: plumeria a la carte utilizes twitter as its sole electronic social media outlet.

plumeria a la carte may provide options, but does not render legal advice.



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